Oh my goodness- welcome to my NEW space! I am so excited that this moment is FINALLY here! It's been my plan to sell my yarn and fibers on my own website since I started this gig so there is a lot of build up here for me.

Just a few things about the shop...

First, for the time being I will not be listing new items to my Etsy Shop. It will be on vacation mode for the time being so that I can still be found and contacted- I will still be checking my convo's. Otherwise you can reach me by email at rachel@ontheround.com.

Updates will happen as they have been- at 4 pm, EST- they will just be here! You can filter all the new items listed by using the New Yarn & Fiber button at the bottom left of my page, that will change with every update.

Any coupon codes that you had on hand, including the FBFAN free shipping code will still work on this site, just enter the code at checkout.

If you have a gift certificate or have give a gift certificate you are welcome to use it here. Just shoot me an email and I will give you a new code to use at check out.

As for shopping on this site- as you can see there are several ways of filtering all the items, you can Shop All, shop by type- Yarn or Spinning Supplies. You can also use the drop downs to search by specific yarn weight or fiber prep type. And lastly, you can shop by Fiber content, just use the drop down menu to see each breed. You'll notice there are some fibers that are not yet available, but those will be coming soon over the next couple of months.

Of course this space is a work in progress, new yarns, different fibers, and new features will be popping up- so check back often! Also, I would love to hear your feedback or if you see any problems that I may have overlooked.

I would like to give a super big thank you to my friend Amanda at Long Winter Farm who pushed me to get this done and offered up tons of help and support!

And THANK YOU so much to all of you friends for being such wonderful supporters of my little business!

<3 Rachel

March 20, 2015 by Rachel Jones

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