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Out & About: Swans Island

October 11, 2013

Yesterday I had the amazing privilege to take a tour at Swans Island show room and dye house!

 For those of you who don't know, Swans Island started out as a blanket company specializing and hand woven and naturally dyed blankets, throws, and baby blankets. They have since expanded their brand greatly and now, in addition to their blankets, they offer pillows and other home accessories, wraps, and YARN!

Here is a little photo journey of my walk through their showroom, weaving studio and dye house!

Welcome to the Swans Island show room- one of the most beautiful places on earth. 


This is the blanket show room where samples of all the beautiful Swans Island Blankets are shown.

And the yarn show room, showcasing their exquisite organic, naturally dyed yarns. *drool*

This is one of the many looms at Swans Island where the blankets are hand woven. It is loud and impressive in the weaving studio. 

A wall of yarn cones that will get worked into the natural blankets.

This was an entire wall of organic yarn waiting to be wound into skeins.

This is the yarn all skeined and measured. Each skein is tied off by hand.

Back in the dye house, these skeins are waiting for a hot natural dye bath.

These beauties have just come from a soak. They are being lifted out of the giant dye bath using a fork lift. They will take another dunk to get a darker shade.

Freshly dyed yarn, weighed, measured, and ready to go get shipped to you or your favorite yarn store!

What a fun day! Thank you so much to the folks at Swans Island for welcoming me and telling me all about your beautiful company. If you are ever driving up route one in our beautiful state of Maine, definitely stop in yourself!

To learn more about Swan Island's history, click here. 
To learn more about Swan Island's process, click here. 

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