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Hand Dyed Yarn Clearance

May 17, 2013

I've had the mantra, "keep it simple make it fun" for many years now. I adopted this mantra in college after finding a random sports t-shirt at Goodwill that had these words written across the front. I wore the t-shirt to absolute shreds and it exists no more, but it's words always resonated with me.

However, somewhere along the way I seemed to have lost track of my beloved mantra. Lately, I've done everything BUT keeping it simple. So, for the sake of my sanity and what little studio space I have,  I am going back to keeping it simple. I am going to simplify my yarn line.

I am sad to announce I will no longer be offering my Sport Weight BFL yarn base or my Thick and Thin Merino yarn base. They both are such lovely yarn and I really do love them- the way they feel, the way they dye, especially the way they knit up, but I just can't do it all!

I originally started my hand dyed line to offer a lower price point than my handspun with all the beautiful colors that I have to offer. I saw it as a way to free myself up for spinning more of the finer weight 2 ply's that I love so much (and are very time consuming). Little did I know I was just burying myself in more work, and wool.

 Seems so obvious writing it down- darn hindsight!

So with that said, both the Sport Weight BFL yarn and Thick and Thin Merino yarn  are on clearance. They have both been marked down 30%- no coupon codes needed, the prices have all ready been changed and they can be found in the CLEARANCE section of my shop. The price will not drop any lower so their is no sense in waiting it out, once they are gone, they are gone for good. Also, while clearance yarn is not available for wholesale orders you are welcome to use any coupon code you may have on them.

So that's that. Please enjoy!

Click here to shop my CLEARANCE section.

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