I just want to take a minute thank everyone who participated in my Destash Auction on Facebook this past weekend. From those of you who shared, liked, and re-tweeted to the all the super fun fiber lovers to bid on my stash- THANK YOU!

January to April can be a little hard for me. I don't do any craft shows during these months and I don't get to talk to my customers nearly as much. I spend most of my days in the daily grind of mothering and making and sometimes I feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog's day.

This past weekend was really, really fun for me to be a part of. It was great to connect with some of my favorite customers and make lots of new friends! This morning I delivered my first round of fiber packages to local friends- what a treat. Dropping off wool to fiber lovers first thing in the morning is probably the BEST way to start the day!

The first round of packages are all packed up and waiting for my mailman, Charlie, as we speak. The second round, the packages that I had to hand write the address' on, will go out this afternoon. And the third round, the REALLY big and heavy packages will go out first thing tomorrow via FedEx. I love thinking about how fun it will be to open these fiber jammed packed packages!

SO, with that I begin my work day- in a much cleaner, more organized studio. Thanks again friends!
April 23, 2013 by Rachel Jones

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