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WIP Featuring OTR Hand Dyed Maine Yarn

November 15, 2012

Yes, it is true, I have started yet ANOTHER project. This really is so unlike me, typically I prefer to work on only one project at a time, but for heaven's sake there is so much pretty yarn in my house! I can't stop myself! I'm not sure when I am going to finish all these projects, but every morning I am very optimistic about it. That counts for something.... right?
Yesterday I cast on Dorie, a cleaver and simple sock pattern from Rohn Strong's new book The Heritage Collection: Knitting Patterns Inspired by WWI & WWII. This pattern was just too good to resist! I love the spiral rib and I knew my light worsted weight Hand Dyed Maine Yarn would be SO perfect....also my husbands birthday is coming up, and I needed a knit sample in this yarn....and well, I JUST WANTED TO!
Let's just take a deep breath, I mean, we are knitters here, right? I'm not being judged. I can knit as many things as I want to.
Anyway, the pattern is totally awesome and I highly recommend it for those of you who have never knit socks before, and/or have a husband that often complains that you never knit him anything.
As for the yarn, there were two skeins of Quarry left in my shop and I just had to steal them. I am totally LOVING the way this colorway is knitting up! I'm not sure if you can tell in the photo or not, but the colors are subtly spiraling along with the rib pattern. Tres cool! The color is enough for me to enjoy while I'm knitting, but subtle enough that my hubs won't feel it's not manly.
This yarn is a 2ply Clun Forrest/ Alpaca blend that I purchased from Field's Edge Farm in Leeds, Maine. Kim, the Owner/Farmer is a wonderfully sweet and cool homesteader who takes amazing care of her sheep, and it really comes through in her wool! The yarn was spun at a small mill in Belfast, Maine and it has a great artisan feel to it. It is a lot like working with handspun yarn, and you could easily work it in with your own handspun or OTR Handspun. The Clun in this yarn gives it a soft woolen feel that makes the stitch work pop nicely, but the alpaca gives it total softness and tons of warmth! This yarn is ideal for socks, gloves, hats, and sweaters with lots of stitch work. There are both bright and subtle colors available- so whatever your tastes are there is something for you. Mixing and matching would be fun too.... Hmm, gears are turning.
Ahhh! Before I cast on another project, I will say this. There are two yarn weights available in this yarn blend, Sport and Light Worsted. Be sure to click on the listing to see how many skeins are available, some colorways have up to 6 skeins. This is a Limited Edition yarn base and I have dyed all that I have for the year- so get it now before it's all gone (or before I steal it, which ever happens first)! You can find this yarn in the Hand Dyed Yarn section of my Etsy store. If you have all ready got your Hand Dyed Maine Yarn from ontheround, then be sure to stash it or any other OTR Yarns on Ravelry!
And while your at it, why not share your OTR Yarn projects on the OnTheRound Fiber Art Facebook Fan Page !? I know it will help me have less knitting project remorse...
Be well, stay positive- and get knitting (that last part is really for me)!

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