Good Morning~

Today I'd like to introduce you to Evan...he's the man.

You may know Evan as my lova, since that is how I mostly refer to him here and on twitter.

Evan has a major passion for fishing and he is an INCREDIBLE fisherman. We call him the fish slayer. That nickname isn't totally accurate though since he is more of a catch and release kind of guy. Evan cares very deeply for all creatures and doesn't like to cause harm.

Evan also shares his passion for fishing with little Taylor B., our 3 year old.

Did I mention Evan is an amazing father? Well he is. Also, he bakes the most delicious bread, takes out the trash, scrubs the toilet, and puts air in my tires.

Evan and I have so much fun together every single day, and we have since the very first day we met.

This is us the first summer we started dating...we look like babies!

Evan is my very best friend and my partner in every way. And as for OTR, OnTheRound would not even exists if it wasn't for Evan's support and encouragement. He pushed me to be brave enough to start my own business. He puts up with fiber EVERYWHERE, my constant shop talk, and most importantly he puts up with my intensity- and yes my friends, I can be INTENSE.

So here's to Evan, he is the man.

be well, be positive.

June 29, 2010 by Rachel Jones

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