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Sock it to me

January 27, 2010

I am a changed woman. Something has come over me. I am not only addicted to knitting socks (which I previously hated), but I am knitting them on size 3 needles (size 5 WAS as low as I would go) and knitting them on 2 circulars (I swear by dpn’s). All of this drastic change- and I’m loving it.

It all started after I joined in on KnittyDirtyGirl’s handspun sock knit-a-long. She is one of those crazy knitters full of sock love- particularly of the handspun variety. She is so fun and kooky it’s hard not to want to join in on anything she is doing! So I jumped on board and knit my socks in just a few days (once I finally got the yarn spun)!

You can read about that experience here and Raveler’s can see the project here or join in the KAL here.

Since I completed the KAL socks, I’ve worn them too many times to count and washed and dried them just as many (yay superwash!). I particularly like wearing this pair when I’m around the house, which is often. On top of that, I’ve been listening to the complete Knit Pick’s Podcast with Kelley Petkun, an avid sock knitter. Listening to her ramblings about the wonder of socks has really turned me on to all the sock possibilities.

And then there is the method. Both Kelley and Rachel-Marie knit their socks on two circular needles. I can remember the first time I saw someone doing this. I was doing jury duty and a woman was there knitting socks on two circulars. I thought she was insane. I don’t remember what I was knitting but I am almost certain it was in the round on dpn’s as that is my favorite method of knitting. Or should I say, was.
After wearing my KAL socks in sneakers I realized why people use such small yarn and needles for socks- my feet were a little cramped, ok a lot cramped. Confession, this is the reason why I prefer to wear my socks around the house. Also, when using dpn’s you often get lines up your knitting where your needles change, at least I do. I hate that.

So, with those two factors in mind and endless inspiration for Rachel-Marie and Kelly, I bravely cast on my current pair of socks using 2-24” no.3 circular needles. They are coming along swimmingly! I am in love! It was a little tricky at first, since I went into it without actually learning how it is done, but quickly got the gist (I assure you, it’s not rocket science). And honestly, no. 3’s seem barely any different than 5’s as far as speed goes. I started my socks late last night, and by lunch time I had finished turning my first heel.
I should also note that with my KAL socks I used the Lifestyle sock pattern by Charisa Martin Cairn. I however decided that I would rather knit them from cuff to toe and this decision proved to be a bad one. For this pair I am happily knitting toe up. ..Lesson learned.

In other news…

I decided on the pattern for my February sweater for the Sweater A Month Challenge. I am going to knit a Peplum Cardigan by Lion Brand Yarn. Also, I’ve decided to knit it with Lion Brand’s Vanna’s Choice yarn- which is acrylic *DUM DUM DUUUUUUUM*. More on that to come.

Until next time, be well & be positive.

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