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Positive Vibrations

November 23, 2009

Anyone who follows me on Twitter or Facebook knows that I had a very busy weekend. Well, if you consider sitting and spinning busy. I cleaned, prepped, dyed, and spun 4 skeins of yarn from start to finish, and have about 6 more in various stages of the process.

I'm really excited about this series, for several reasons. First, I'm using wool that I purchased from Els Farm in Union, ME. It is Friesian wool which has a nice crimp, about a 4" staple, takes dye beautifully, and produces and excellent woolen yarn!

Second, I am hand painting almost all the the skeins in this series and playing with color combination's and saturation. It's been a really fun process for me because I'm using the dyes in a much different way than I usually do. And I'm loving it!

Both those reason's bring me to the third reason why I am so excited about this series; This yarn is a true product of Maine! Maine Sheep, Maine Dye, Hand Spun by a Mainer, in Maine! How cool is that?! Not to mention that the wool came directly from the sheep, to me, and then to you! That's only one degree of separation from you to the sheep! How many purchase's can you make where that is the case... I'm guessing not too many.

Even if you're not from Maine, by purchasing this yarn you are helping to support our local economy! Yay! Now that's something to feel good about... I always fill my yarn with positive energy, but this series is really bursting with positive vibrations!

Here are some working pictures:

Here are some pictures of the wool in various stages of the process:

Also going on this week I am beginning my Handmade Christmas! This will be the first year that my family is celebrating the holidays in our home. I'll be sharing the fun with you all month long!

Be well & be positive!

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