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An Absolutely Perfect Evening

August 18, 2009

Yesterday was another steamy hot day in Mid Coast Maine and my daughter and I were stranded at our apartment all day after Evan took our one and only car to work. We were stranded in our attic apartment with poor insulation and skylights that the sun beats down on all day cooking us like bugs under a magnifying glass. It was brutal.

So when Evan got home, we decided to pack up dinner and have a picnic at the beach! I sent Evan and Taylor out and about while I quickly made a stir-fry and then we headed out to Lucia Beach.
It was absolutely perfect there. The temperature was still warm, but with an amazingly cooling sea breeze, the tide was low giving us lots of beach to play on, it was practically deserted, and the water was perfectly chilly!

After a swimming, playing, and building a sand castle, we headed up to the grassy knoll for some delicious stir-fry.

By the time we headed home, we had all forgotten how hot and miserable the day had been. It was an absolutely perfect evening.


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