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Carbeth Pullover

June 05, 2018

Carbeth Pullover

I did not mind one bit that it was only 44 degrees here in Maine because it was the perfect excuse to wear my newly finished Carbeth Pullover! 

Mind you, it was 84 degrees and I went swimming on Friday when I finished it, but that's ok.

I started my Carbeth on May 20th and finished on June 2nd and that includes a couple of days where I didn't even knit at all. Seriously, bulky sweaters are the way to go!

I really enjoyed everything about this knit. I don't have a lot of experience with bottom up sweaters,  and I have to say I really like it! It's a nice change to get the slow parts of the sweater (the arms and body) done first when excitement is high. The only set back is not being able to try on the sweater as you go, but for a nice simple pullover like Carbeth, it really didn't matter. 

I chose to use Everyday DK in the colorway Purple Rain for my sweater and I absolutely love the way it worked up. The pattern was written for Dk weight yarn held double, which creates an absolutely fantastic fabric and especially nice color definition. 

Normally when knitting a sweater I work with two skeins at a time alternating rows to avoid color banding. Since this sweater is held double, I started out using both ends of one yarn cake, then about halfway through the first skein, I added a seconds skein and dropped the center pull of the original skein. This allowed me to stager skeins throughout the whole project, I just attached a new skein when one side ran out. That also turned out to be a great idea for finishing since I only had to sew in a single strand instead of a double.

For this sweater I knit the 4th size, which I am assuming is a large, (it isn't worded that way in the pattern). I think a medium would have been a better size choice for me, but whenever I read "positive ease" on a sweater I get crazy and size up. Really I'm in between a medium and a large for measurements so it's always a crapshoot on which way to go. Frankly, I'd rather my sweater be too big than too small. 

I did make a couple modifications to this design, for example I decided to knit the body to 15" so that it wasn't cropped at all. I also added 2" to each sleeve so that I could roll up the cuffs and still have full length sleeves. I think these changes made the oversized sweater work, and I certainly won't have a problem with it once winter rolls around. I do wish that I had skipped the decrease round before putting in the ribbing since I prefer a really big neck on my turtlenecks. The neck in the design is ok, but it does give me that claustrophobic feeling every now and again. I ended up using 7 and a half skeins of yarn for my finished sweater and swatch. 

I am strongly considering banging out another Carbeth using the 3rd size and sticking to the original designs measurements. IF I do, I'll use the second sweater for my shop sample because I am way to in love with this one to not keep it as a part of my everyday wardrobe. 

What color would you recommend I knit a second Carbeth in? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

You can find the Carbeth pattern here

Also check out the Carbeth Cardigan here.

or the Carbeth Swan Dance here.

Shop Everyday DK Yarn here. 




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