Comfort Fade Cardi Color Combos

Fade time again friends! Will we ever get enough of Andrea Mowry's cleaver fade designs? I doubt it. 

Comfort Fade Cardi, the latest fade design that was released yesterday and features 4 different colorways in DK weight yarn. I was so excited to see that this one was in DK weight, because I am really in love with my Everyday DK base and I am getting a little burned out on fingering weight sweaters!

If you haven't seen the pattern yet, check out the link here.

 So upon request of some of my favorite people, I have put together some pleasing 4 skein combinations to get you inspiried for the latest fade craze!

The first combination I'd like to show you is Sugar Cookie, Aquaponic, Oxidize and Wicked. I'm kind of obsessed with this one...though I'm not sure which way I would fade it, lightest to darkest or darkest to lightest.

Here is the same photo in black and white to help you see how the tones blend.


Next I have a nice fall inspired combo with Sugar Cookie (Speckled Whimsical Would also work well with this combo, but all the skeins I had in stock were still wet!), Sandblast, Crystal Trade, and Sugar Maple.

and again the same combo in black and white.

Here is a nice deep and dark combination for those of you like me who tend to wear all grey and black. This one features Hologram, Granite, Black Magic, and Eclipse. I think the First two colors could go this way, or be switched, which ever you prefer. 

Here's this combination in black and white.

My last combination is probably the one I am leaning towards the most, it's got a lot going on, but I love the flow of the colors! This one features Speckled Time Travelers, Rising Tide, A Nice Chianti, and Eclipse.

Here is that last one in black and white.

So, I hope these combos work for you or inspire you to find your own combination! Remember too, you can blend as few or as many colors as you like- trust your guts and make whatever you inspires you! If you have a combination you'd like to see, just let me know by reaching out in the comments section here or on my Facebook Fan Page, here

You can see the collection of all my Everyday DK Yarns, here

And check out the latest colorways that were just listed today, here

Tonight I'll be working on swatches for the new colorways so keep an eye out for them sometime tomorrow. I am also planning on a Facebook Live video sometime over the next couple of days to show off ALL of Everyday DK swatches I've been plugging away on all week. It will be a great time to talk fade and color work strategies! I'll try and give some notice as to the time as soon as I have a better sense. 

Happy knitting!

October 14, 2017 by Rachel Jones
Tags: Everyday DK

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