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{FO} Ritual Shawl

April 12, 2019

{FO} Ritual Shawl

Today I am so excited to talk to you about my recently finished RItual Shawl designed by Marceline Smith! Marce used my Everyday Dk base for the original design and I've been in contact with her about the release for quite a few months, so there was a lot of excitement build up with this particular design! 
Since I have discontinued the original colorway that Marce used for original design, I had the pleasure of coming up with some fun new combo's with my existing colorways! I like how this shawl offers the opportunity for 2 or three colors, fades or contrast. Make sure you check out the Ravelry page for this design because it is full of color inspiration!
For my Ritual Shawl I decided to go with more of a fade in the first two colors, pairing Always A Bridesmaid and Rebel and adding a dramatic pop of color in the lace section with A Nice Chianti. I love the finished result of these colors- particularly how well Bridesmaid and Rebel blended into each other. 
Because of all the excitement I had built up for this project- I really flew through the first section. Not to mention I live for stockinette-there is nothing more relaxing that some plain back and forth knitting with a detail row thrown in here and there. Project's like these are my ideal nighttime knitting!
The lace border definitely took me longer than the shawl to knit. I've mentioned before that I have a hard time memorizing even the simplest of stitch repeats so I kept the pattern near by and did a  bit of tinking here and there. Totally worth it though because I LOVE a good lace boarder and this one did not disappoint! 
I really will need to re-block this to get the full impact of the lace. I need to invest in some blocking pins since I currently only have my Knitters Pride Knit Blockers, which are great for straight lines, but not a zillion points. Looks like I'll have to take a trip to my LYS this weekend! 
Speaking of blocking though- a good soak really made this shawl open up! As a rule I like to wet block my knits. I soak them in luke warm water for about 30 minutes and then I spin it out in my top load washer to get out all the extra water. Only use this trick if you have a top load washer with a spin out option- DO NOT use your front loader as your knit will get way more agitation. If you have a front load washer, stich with rolling your knit up in a towel and soaking up the extra water. Then I just lay out my knit on blocking mats or the floor depending on the size and let them air dry!
I love how romantic this shawl looks and feels. As with most of my knits, I like to have a particular outfit in mind when choosing the colors and style. Earlier this winter I snagged this really cute cream colored over sized raglan sweatshirt that I have been living in. I knew this shawl would be the perfect accessory to dress up such a casual outfit. I'll be sure to snag a photo of the complete look soon. I wore it earlier this week on a day spent almost entirely in a car dealership and I felt confident and comfortable- just as one would want to feel in such an environment! 
This is the second pattern of Marceline's that I have knit in the last couple of months (you can read about my Pebbles & Pathways Socks, here), and I have to tell you that I am so in love with her aesthetic and writing style. Her designs are classic and comfortable with fun little twists to keep the knitting fun and interesting. Her patterns are so well written and full of helpful tips to complete the design and suggestions on how you can put your own spin on them. Marce is thoughtful and inspirational, always putting in a little extra special meaning in her work and process. I am so honored that she chose my yarn to work with for such a gorgeous design and I am so excited to see what she comes up with next!
You can find the Ritual Shawl Pattern, Here on Ravelry.
And you can find Ritual Shawl Kits in 4 different color options, Here.

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