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{FO} Soldotna Crop, Part 2

July 15, 2019

{FO} Soldotna Crop, Part 2

Today I'd like to continue on with my Soldotna Crop series and talk about the SECOND Soldotna Crop I knit! 

If you missed part one of this series, you can read about it here, and in part three I'll show off some colorway suggestions in Everyday DK if you want to knit a Soldotna sweater or crop of your own! 

Back to Soldotna number two! 

It seems like the whole world has gone Soldotna Crop crazy- Ravelry and my Instagram feed have been inundated with fun finished versions of this design for months and all the color combinations and different versions have been SO inspiring! That coupled with the fact that I made so many alterations to my first version, I knew I wanted to bang out a second one where I actually followed the original design.


At the time that I made the decision to cast on my second version, I had also just come out with my new Pine Cone colorway and I knew for sure that I wanted to feature that as the darkest colorway. 

Building my color choices after that was pretty easy- they basically jumped off the yarn wall! I decided to use Robin's Egg, Patina, and Diadem form my contrasting colors. I am a real sucker for blue and brown together and the Patina and Diadem both have accents of the same bronze green and gold throughout. I thought that this combination gave me the right amount of contrast with undertones of color connection- something that has become a favorite concept for me (My recent Zorzal Shawl is another example of that). 

I opted to knit the smallest size for this Soldotna because I knew it would fit my oldest daughter and the bust form that I keep at my studio.  I haven't had much success in knitting sweaters for Taylor that she will actually wear and they usually just end up becoming studio samples as soon as she is done modeling them for me!

Between the size of the sweater and the fact that I had already knit the pattern and had a really strong sense of what was going on- it basically FLEW off the needles. According to my photo log, I started the sweater on May 14th and was done on the 27th- and that was also while I was simultaneously working on my modified Flax sweater (that blog post is coming)!

Not only was this a fast and fun project with colors I absolutely adore, but Taylor fell completely in love with the sweater too! She tried it on before I even sewed in the ends and didn't give it back for two days (she may have even slept in it one night). Thankfully we had a warm day and I was able to sneak it back to sew in those ends and give it a good wash!

After that she was so kind enough to model a few photos for me for my blog post- isn't she the cutest!

Here's what I have left for yarn after completing the extra small crop! I definitely have enough to do a colorwork cowl or hat with the leftovers- something for me of course because ILOVE this combination of colors together!

For now, since the weather is considerably warmer, you can find both the cropped and sweater version of my Soldotna's at my studio on display for open studios (the next is on August 2nd) or if you stop by for an appointment (email me via the contact page)!

Coming up later this week I'll show off some fun color combinations in Everyday DK for a Soldotna Crop or sweater of your own! 

Until the- happy making! 

Soldotna Crop Pattern :

Everday DK Yarn :

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