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{FO} Throwback Cardigan

October 29, 2018

{FO} Throwback Cardigan

It's finished- it's finished, my Throwback Cardigan is finished! It took me two weeks and one day thanks to a mix up with the front panel. I thought I pulled it off in two weeks (to the minute), but when I looked at it the next morning I realized that my right front panel was 5 stitches shorter than the left panel. This is why it does not pay to hurry my friends. 
This cardigan was such a treat to knit! The excitement of casting on right before Rhinebeck, then working on it at Rhinebeck and getting to see so many amazing finished versions was highly motivating! I even got to meet Andrea at Rhinebeck and chat about purling colorwork and tell her how much I was appreciating the design. So many great memories knit into this cozy sweater!
Since this project had a lot of new to me skills in it, I decided to really stick to the pattern. Also, it's better to stick to the pattern when knitting for speed. Altering designs takes time and planning.
I did decide to go with 2" of positive ease instead of the recommended 9".  I'm not a huge fan of the oversized sweater trend happening right now for my personal body type. I'm always nervous that the design won't look as great if I knit it to my actual size, but in this case I am very happy with the fit.
I also love how cozy a worsted weight sweater feels. Most of my sweaters are fingering weight so I was a little afraid this one was going to feel bulky, especially with the floats, but it's really squishy and comfy. 
I did want to clear up one thing that I said on social media. I had mentioned that purling the colorwork was a real pain and that if I were to knit this sweater again I would knit it in the round and steek the front. While that is true, I'm afraid it turned some people off to the pattern and so I want to clarify a little.
Purling colorwork really isn't hard, it just took me a minute to figure out what I was doing with my hands since I am naturally a thrower and really only ever knit continental when I am doing colorwork. Once I knit a couple of rows, it was all fine. The real reason I didn't like it is because I am an incredibly fast knitter in the round, and I was really wanting to knit this sweater in a weeks time (so that I could wear it at Rhinebeck), and the purling was just slowing me down (still not sure I could have pulled it off in a week). 
I also find this experience very valuable because previously I was petrified of the thought of steeking a sweater, but now having worked a fair isle motif flat, I can now see the practicality of it and am ready to give it a go. I know I would not have come to that conclusion if I had not knit this sweater flat as the pattern suggested. 
I still need to give this beauty a second block now that the ribbing is done on the edges...and I still have to sew in all of my colorwork ends, but I couldn't resist wearing this sweater this afternoon. I know I'll be getting a lot of wear out of it this winter!
If you are interested in giving this design a go and would like to use Everyday Worsted, I put together a bundle of the contrasting colors that I used, as well as put together a second combo that I thought was equally as great.
The nice thing is each contrasting color bundle has a lot of options for what you could use for the body of your sweater. I put my recommendations in the listing with the bundles. For convenience, I put the bundles and body colorway recommendations all in one collection.
You will need one contrasting colorwork bundle for all sizes of the Throwback Cardigan, but you will want to check the pattern to see how many skeins you will need for the body. Each skein of Everyday Worsted is 220 yards per 100 grams. The pattern is not included with the purchase of this yarn. You can find the pattern on Ravelry HERE

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