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{FO} Throwback Pullover

November 28, 2018 1 Comment

{FO} Throwback Pullover

It’s Throwback Pullover time! I am so excited to share this blog post with all of you because I know a number of you are eagerly waiting to cast on a pullover version of The Throwback of your own, and I LOVE inspiring other people to make things!

I’ve mentioned many times that the changes that I made were very easy and minimal. I am not usually one to make changes on designs because I really like to stay true to the designer’s original intention, but after knitting the pattern as a cardigan as it was originally designed, I realized how little it would actually take to make it a pullover.

**please note that I will not be giving any numbers from the pattern in this blog post. You will need to purchase the pattern for yourself to be able to figure out all this goodness. You can find Andrea’s design on Ravelry, here.

Right out the gate I knew that I wanted to put the neck in first. I much prefer a cast on edge over a bound off edge and I knew based on the amount of stitches cast on that the neck out be on the smaller side so I would need all the stretch I could get.

I cast on the required amount of stitches for the 4th size (I decided to have about 2” of positive ease for a more traditional fit. You will just have to decide for yourself what kind of fit you are looking for. Remember you will lose some inches because there is no front panels so keep that in mind when choosing a size) and then joined to knit in the round. I did a 2x2 rib for about an inch and a half using the smaller sized needles. Then I worked a purl round in to get the same look as if I picked up the stitches in the original design.

Next, I worked the short row section exactly as the pattern suggests, and then I continued with the increases, just working in the round instead of back and forth. Since short rows are worked back and forth, no change was required.

Then I worked the first increase row exactly as the pattern stated, just in the round.

You will start the colorwork section next, If I remember correctly I had one extra stitch when I go to the end of the colorwork section and since I never counted after the increases, I don’t know if I was off or if there is an extra stitch because of the pullover change.Regardless, I just knit two stitches together at the end and kept moving on happy that everything was working out so well.

(I will never rip out my work over one or two extra stiches. I just knit that shit together and move on!)

You will work the chart exactly as it is written, right to left every time instead of right to left and left to right. That makes it seem more complicated than it is, just work the chart, it’s easy, you’ll see.

Are you starting to notice a pattern here? Yeah, just keep following along the chart and the increases just like the pattern is written.

Once you get the all the charts and increases completed you will come to the portion of the pattern where you have to separate for the sleeves and the body. This is the only part of the pattern that I had to think a minute and crunch some numbers. The original cardigan design has the front panel a few stitches shorter than the back panel on each side to accommodate for the ribbing panels that you add in after. Since I was making a pullover, I wanted the front and back panels to be the same size. Since adding extra stitches would affect the colorwork chart, I just decided to crunch some numbers and re-center the sleeve placement.


Here is the math, take the total number of stitches (for your size), subtract the amount of stitches for the two sleeves (for your size) and then divide the answer by two. That will give you the number of stitches you want for the front and back panel.

So, knit half of the stitches for the front panel, then put the required number of sleeves stitches on the waste yarn. Next, knit all of the back-panel stitches, then put the required number of stitches for sleeve number two on waste yarn. And then knit the remaining front-panel stitches, bring you back to the beginning of the round.

For my pullover sweater I knit the sleeves before the body, but you can do it however you want. I just wanted to try it this way to see if I preferred it over knitting the body first and then the sleeves. And the answer is yes, I did like it better! It was much easier to manage the bulk. Also, I do not like knitting the sleeves as much as I like knitting the body, so it was nice to get it over with. I also knit my sleeves at the same time. I put both sleeves on a 16’ circular needle and alternated back and forth between sleeves every few rows. I knit the sleeves exactly as written in the pattern.

After my sleeves were done, I worked the body of my sweater straight (no shaping) for 15” (or whatever length you prefer). Then I finished with approximately 2” of 2x2 ribbing using the same size needle as I did for the body.


And that was it- Easy Peasy! I hope my directions were clear and you feel confident enough to cast on a sweater of your own. This really is such a great pattern, no matter whether you choose to knit it as a cardigan or as a pullover. It’s a classic design with endless options for color combinations!

Happy Knitting!


Pattern: The Throwback by Andrea Mowry

Yarn: Everyday Worsted in Barred Owl for the main color, Eclipse, Sugar Maple, and Onyx for the colorwork.

Needles: Lykke Circular Needles (1) size 6,16”, (2) Size 7, 16”, Size 7 24” 

Purchased at my LYS, The Cashmere Goat

Project Bag: Madderroot Extra Large Trundle Bag (Sheep Print).

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Deborah Potter
Deborah Potter

July 21, 2019

Thank you so much for this wonderful pattern!

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