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{FO} Zorzal Shawl

July 02, 2019 1 Comment

{FO} Zorzal Shawl

Today I would like to share with you my newly finished Zorzal shawl!


The pattern was designed by Lissa Hannes of Maliha Designs and calls for two skeins of fingering weight yarn. This project uses both skeins completely, which I always love! Ideally you want to have contrasting colors for the most dramatic effect and it's a great opportunity for mixing solids and speckles. 

Here is what Lisa has to say about this design:

"This crescent shaped shawl is worked in a mix of garter stripes and short-row wedges to create a fun interplay of two contrasting colours.
The tassels at the tips add an eye-catching element to highlight one of the colours."

A couple of years ago I knit a Zorzal Shawl in my Everyday Lite base in the Duet Colorway Sweetheart, but since I am no longer carrying Everyday Lite and Sweetheart has been discontinued, I wanted to knit a new sample!

This shawl was always a big hit at shows and is such a fun and quick knit- it's a definite must for my sample collection!

I decided to combine Ring of Fire and Rapture for my new shawl, which is an amazing combination that I cannot take credit for. A customer last year used this combination to knit a Branches & Buds Pullover using Everyday DK and it has been in my mind every since! I used Ring of Fire as the main color and Rapture as the second color. 

I chose my Signature Sock Yarn base for this project because I have a ton of sock samples available in this base but few shawls. Signature Sock is such a nice hearty and soft yarn, I want to make sure I'm doing it justice in my sample spread! 

One of the things I love the most about this shawl is that it is all knit in garter stitch which makes for some relaxing knitting! Garter stitch also means that there is there is no picking up wraps in your short rows, the bumps from the garter stitch hides all the wraps! I also love a pattern that is fun and interesting without being complicated! It's a very low maintenance design that is fun for both new and experienced knitters. 

Oh yeah, and stripes! If you've been following me for a while you'll know that I LOVE knitting stripes. 

Last time I knit this shawl I left out the tassels, I felt like they might be a little too much. For this version though I decided I would give them a go and I am so glad I did- they really make the shawl pop! 

I had never made tassels before, my first attempt came out very short and full. I am still happy with the way they look, but next time I will definitely make them a little longer and less full. 

I am so glad I chose to re-knit this design. I absolutely adore the colors and the tassels and how it knit up in my Signature Sock Yarn. I would highly recommend trying this knit if you are looking for a fun to make and wear project! 

...I might even knit a third because I can't stop thinking about Pine Cone and Robin's Egg together, which is a combination I sent home with a lovely customer a few weeks ago after a studio visit. 

If you decide to knit a Zorzal Shawl using ontheround yarn I would love to see it! You can email me, post to my facebook page or tag me on instagram (and don't forget to use #ontheround)!

Ravelry Link :

Signature Sock Yarn Link :

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July 03, 2019

Rachel- This is so beautiful. I love the warmth of the colors ( and your chubby tassels)! You are very talented- I am so glad you’re making your lovely yarn.

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