Hello My Name is...

Hello My Name is...

It's been a while, so I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself formally, my name is Rachel Jones and I am the owner and dyer here at ontheround yarn!

I am a homeschooling mom to three spunky kiddos ages, 10, 51/2, and almost 3. Along with my husband, we live on the beautiful coast of Maine.
Parker, Taylor, and Elliot

In November of last year, after working out of my home for over 5 years, I moved ontheround into a studio in Rockport, Maine. Having a dedicated workspace has allowed me to grow because I am able to keep more inventory and materials on hand, as well as be able to concentrate my work time since my tools are always out and ready to go. This is a studio space, I do not have a traditional retail space set up here. I keep my inventory in a dedicated room where it is organized by base and colorway for efficient shipping. Visitors are welcome to stop by with an appointment, but I do not keep set hours here. I like to come and go as I please, and I often have my kids with me!

Invenotory room

This business is mostly a one woman operation. I do all dyeing, tagging, shipping, inventory, photography, marketing, and cleaning. I am lucky enough to have the help of my husband during the winter months while he is off from his own landscaping business. Evan has training in lean management and shipping so he is a huge asset to setting up easy to use systems to get our yarn out quickly and efficiently. Evan also coordinates with new and current wholesale customers. If you email wholesale@ontheround.com, he's the guy you'll be talking to.

Evan helping with shipping

I am an intuitive maker, meaning I let my own curiosity guide me verses seeking outside inspiration. This is especially true for my dyeing but also my knitting, spinning, and even business practices. Ideas just sort of float into my head and the ones that really linger in my memory are the ones I choose to pursue. Since I've been dyeing for just about 10 years now, the majority of my ideas come by way of colors and feelings so I have a whole language in my head that I translate onto the yarn. It's all very woo woo, but I've learned to trust it and good things usually come.

Some of my inventory at ontheround.com

My mission here at ontheround is to create unique and beautiful, fun to work with yarn, for creative makers like myself. I try to provide a positive community of creative makers on my facebook page, ontheround. I also tell my story as a creative maker, mom, and entrepreneur daily on instagram via @ontheround.

I try to respond to all of you as much as humanly possible and it makes my heart sing to have you all participate in such a fun and positive way- so thank you! If there is anything you ever want to know about me or my work, please let me know as I am always looking for new ways to share!

I do intend to do more blog posts in the future. I would like to get all those little snippets that I post out into the world into one, more organized place, so stay tuned for more posts to come!

July 29, 2017 by Rachel Jones

Oh, Hello 2015...

Good morning! I've been busy this morning getting photos and spinning supplies ready for my first update in 2015, when it occurred to me that I haven't updated my blog in a looooooong time.

Sorry about that.

It's the new year, so obviously that means a whole new set of goals/plans/dreams, a yes, I've got lots. I thought I might share a few of them with you today.

First and foremost, I would like to...
January 16, 2015 by Rachel Jones

{New} Hand Dyed Worsted Merino

Just listed today, 4 new hand dyed limited edition color ways on my worsted merino yarn base. There are five skeins of each color available. 

Each worsted merino skein is 3.5 oz/100 grams, 175 yards, and is best worked in a size 9 needle. These skeins are 100% merino wool and should be hand washed only. Also, these skeins are kettle dyed in small batches and for best results when working with...
March 31, 2014 by Rachel Jones
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Hand Dyed Yarn Clearance

I've had the mantra, "keep it simple make it fun" for many years now. I adopted this mantra in college after finding a random sports t-shirt at Goodwill that had these words written across the front. I wore the t-shirt to absolute shreds and it exists no more, but it's words always resonated with me.

However, somewhere along the way I seemed to have lost track of my beloved mantra. Lately, I've...
May 17, 2013 by Rachel Jones

OnTheRound Shop Update 5/2/13

This update will feature handspun BFL and Merino wool, hand dyed sport weight BFL, 2 new colorways in my Maine Yarn & Wool collection.

This update will also feature one of my newest products- a felting kit! More information on that to come tomorrow....


2/24/13 Shop Update :: Superwash Merino

Tonight I have four new colorways in my superwash merino base that I will be adding to my Etsy Shop. There are 4,4 oz 210 yard skeins of each new colorway. Also,these are repeatable colorways, so if you are interested in more skeins or a full sweater lot please just drop me a convo, email, or comment and I'll put together a dye lot just for you!

Although tonight's update is just a small one, it is...
April 24, 2013 by Rachel Jones

Destash Auction Wrap Up

I just want to take a minute thank everyone who participated in my Destash Auction on Facebook this past weekend. From those of you who shared, liked, and re-tweeted to the all the super fun fiber lovers to bid on my stash- THANK YOU!

January to April can be a little hard for me. I don't do any craft shows during these months and I don't get to talk to my customers nearly as much. I spend most of...
April 23, 2013 by Rachel Jones

OTR Shop Update

January 02, 2013 by Rachel Jones

Handspun Yarn Update

UpdatePromo2012, originally uploaded by ontheroundfiberart.
Good morning!

Today I am editing photos for my next shop update. At the rate that I am currently waddling, it's looking like I'll be listing new yarn on Thursday, Feb 2nd. Be sure to come by the shop and see all the beautiful blues and greens I have in store for this week!