The Rise and Fall of My Camaro Sweater

The other morning I posted to my Instagram and facebook page that I was unhappy with my Camaro sweater and I wasn't sure what I was going to do, but the truth is, I did know what I wanted to do, and that was rip it out!

To started at the beginning, I cast on my Camaro sweater just before Christmas using one of my Silver Lining Rainbow sets in Everyday DK. I pretty much dyed this set specifically for this pattern that I have been lusting over for more than a year!

I did my due diligence with this pattern and went through pages and pages of finished knits on ravelry and properly stalked out the #camarosweater hashtag on Instagram, and what I found was a lot of people unhappy with the proportions of the neck on the larger sizes. I wasn't totally detoured though, honestly, this is a VERY common problem in knitting patterns.

Larger sizes frequently have GIANT neck holes.

I typically knit raglan sweaters and accommodate this oversight by knitting a size medium and then increasing to a large and carrying on from there. 

I decided that instead of reading through so many thoughtfully posted noted on various Ravlery pages, I instead was going to use my tried and true method of knitting a medium and sizing up to a large. 

And so I cast on, so happy to be knitting my pretty rainbow, but with a constant nag in the back of my mind...

The voice said, this sweater is never going to be what you want it to be. 

...and that voice was right. 

I decided that the pattern was wrong before I even started knitting. I had no idea what I was doing and I was making changes! It’s no wonder it wasn’t going to fit me! And let me tell you, my first instinct was to be mad at the designer. 


But thats just crazy.


I never gave my Camaro sweater a chance and that was silly. I am not a designer by any means.  Some of the time I can make adjustments to patterns that I have knit multiple times and it works out.  Some of the time I can make something up as a I go and it works out. Almost every time I follow the pattern of a design I love, it comes out great. 


What did I learn from this experience? Trust the process and do not build your opinion on other people experience. 


I will definitely be trying again with the Camaro sweater pattern, some day.  

Happy knitting. 


Pattern :


yarn :


Ps. My next sock video will be available soon. I tend to get self conscious after a video and it takes me a little time to build up the nerve to make another one. 



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