Free Knitting Pattern - Handspun Popcorn Lace Cowl

This is a super fun and quick beginner lace project designed specifically for thread plied handspun yarn. I used my Rainbow Handspun Yarn in Pastel, but you can try any self striping, or bulky yarn- just be sure to get the correct gauge  If you are a spinner, spin your own yarn using one of my Merino Wool Spinners Pack in either Pastel Rainbow or Bright Rainbow.

Designed to be worn purl side out,...
July 08, 2013 by Rachel Jones

OnTheRound Shop Update 5/2/13

This update will feature handspun BFL and Merino wool, hand dyed sport weight BFL, 2 new colorways in my Maine Yarn & Wool collection.

This update will also feature one of my newest products- a felting kit! More information on that to come tomorrow....

I Love Yarn

I'm sitting in my studio, in a room full of yarn, in a house full of yarn, editing pictures of yarn, and I had a thought; I Love Yarn!

Not like, "Yay! I love yarn" (said in a mocking tone), more like, I love yarn like I love my children. I love yarn like I want to have yarn tattooed to my skin. I dream about yarn, I play with yarn when I have free time. I have made yarn my job. I buy yarn with my...
April 13, 2013 by Rachel Jones

My Fiber Story

This past week on OTR's FB fan page I asked what YOU might like to learn about me and my process. Here is what my lovely customer Bethany asked, "How did you start spinning? Family member teach you? What made you want to? Did you knit before you learned to spin? What do you get your inspirations from when dying?"

My fiber story began when I was 19. My Nana had taught me to knit when I was about 7,...
April 13, 2013 by Rachel Jones

Sunday Spinning

In case you're looking for me today, here is where I will be. In my rocking chair, tucked in neatly with my baby wrapped tightly to my body, peddling away at my wheel and a glass of water near by.

Happy Sunday!

Navajo Plying

NavajoBlog, originally uploaded by ontheroundfiberart.
Lately I've been experimenting with Navajo Plying, or chain plying handspun yarn. I work with hand painted roving a lot and I really like the way that the method retains the color changes in the wool.

When I am trying a new technique, I prefer to wing it initially, and then research the technique. The yarn above is my first attempt.

I've since...
February 13, 2012 by Rachel Jones

Handspun Yarn Update

UpdatePromo2012, originally uploaded by ontheroundfiberart.
Good morning!

Today I am editing photos for my next shop update. At the rate that I am currently waddling, it's looking like I'll be listing new yarn on Thursday, Feb 2nd. Be sure to come by the shop and see all the beautiful blues and greens I have in store for this week!