WIP Featuring OTR Hand Dyed Maine Yarn

Yes, it is true, I have started yet ANOTHER project. This really is so unlike me, typically I prefer to work on only one project at a time, but for heaven's sake there is so much pretty yarn in my house! I can't stop myself! I'm not sure when I am going to finish all these projects, but every morning I am very optimistic about it. That counts for something.... right?
Yesterday I cast on Dorie, a...
November 15, 2012 by Rachel Jones

The Heritage Collection: WWI & WWII Blog Tour

Hi Friends! I am so pleased to have Rohn Strong taking over my blog today on his Heritage Collection Blog Tour. Welcome Rohn!

Hey Guys…this is Rohn Strong, author of The Heritage Collection WWI & WWII, and I am here visiting Rachel on her blog! Now, as many of you may know, or may not know, the book that I wrote is primarily focused on history, so many of the stops on the blog tour I am doing...
October 16, 2012 by Rachel Jones