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May's Spontaneous Sock Club Colorway 'Salt of the Earth'

May 01, 2019

May's Spontaneous Sock Club Colorway 'Salt of the Earth'

Wow friends- May's coloways really sums up everything that the Spontaneous Sock Club stands for! Let me explain, the end of April REALLY creeped up on me! It has been so busy around here that I actually had no idea what day of the week it was until I was filling out my daughters reading chart and realized that it was the 30th! Now normally I start thinking about my club colorway, like, while I'm dyeing the month before, but this month I was focused on my Throwback Collection so I didn't give club too much thought. This might sound like a stressful moment for you, but really this is when creative magic really happens for me. A little deadline pressure, lots of creative juices and inspiration from the work on other colorways, and a deep curiosity for what might happen if.... That's really what this club is all about! Pushing and experimenting, walking that line of intuition and experience. And adding in a healthy dose of fun! 


I showed up for work on Thursday ready to make magic happen- and I am super in love with this colorway, so I'm going to say it did! First, I popped on my favorite CD, the sound track for this weird indie film about surfing by Jack Johnson. I love this soundtrack, it always transports me to this day years ago when I was in college that me and a bunch of friends went canoeing down the river in Old Town, Maine. It was right around the beginning of summer so it was just getting warm outside and the sun was glistening on the water....I can still see it when I close my eyes. 

So with the mood set, I turned towards the color. As I mentioned I had been dyeing all my Throwback colors days before, so there was a lot of dark grey, which is always a favorite of mine, so I decided to start there and add on. 

Now for weeks I've had the term "salt of the earth" floating around my head. That naturally made me think of my gold dye, so I poured that over in the white part of the skeins. and from there I let the colors guide me in choosing what colors to speckle on top and I came up with Orchid, Champagne, Bronze, and Turquoise Blue. 

I can't tell you how fun it is to batch dye a colorway that I love so much! Everyday step of the process is full of wonder and excitement. I can't wait to see it spun out, I can't wait to see it dried, I can't wait to re-skein it, I can't wait to ship it, and lastly, I can't wait to cast it on! 

{Edit} This month I ended up with 12 extra skeins of "salt of the earth". If you would like to purchase one of the extra skeins, here is the listing!


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