{WIP} Baby Surprise Jacket
At the end of April I started another Baby Surprise for a friend of mine, who at the time was still pregnant. She has since had her baby (in my defense, he came early!), and I am finally getting around to finishing my project!
I am using a skein of Everyday DK in the colorway, 'Don't Be Koi'.  I consider this colorway one of my half and half's, meaning it is a variegated/speckled combination. This particular colorway features a bright scarlet section that fades into a very bold orange, and finally into a champagne color that is speckled with gold. Let's just say it's a very bold colorway!
I particularly love half and half colorways for the BSJ pattern because of the way the colors pool in the garter stitch and interesting construction. You can see the Baby Surprise Jacket I knit in Blue Moon last year for my friend Amanda's Baby!

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