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Color Of The Month

Gratitude, January’s Color the Month on Spontaneous Sock Yarn DK weight

I am happy to report that I finally have January's Color of the Month available! I was late to the party because quite frankly, I was exhausted and needed to take a few days to go slow and recoup. I typically love the New Year and feel invigorated and excited, but 2020 didn't leave me feeling any of those things, it left me drained and unmotivated at the end. 

That's not very uplifting to hear, I know, but what got me up and moving again was gratitude, deep and intense gratitude that you really only feel when you're way down. I felt gratitude for all the beauty around me-  my warm cozy home, the love and support from my family and friends, and all of you- all of the likes, comments, shares, kind emails, and beautiful things you make using ontheround yarn. These are the things that got me through 2020, and will continue to get me through the good days and the bad. 

I wanted to make a colorway inspired by gratitude to keep me focused. As my spirits are lifted, I often forget to be grateful for all the little precious moments and details that lift me up when I'm down. I wish for this yarn to be a gentle reminder of how powerful gratitude is and to always be grateful for the many gifts I have. 

This colorway is first dyed by mostly submerging the yarn in a very soft silver gray, leaving light and dark sports throughout the yarn. I then poured over lemon yellow and rose pink. Finally, I finish this colorway with speckled in more rose pink and some light pops of orange. 

January's colorway will pair beautifully with November's Color of the Month, Darkstar, Sugar Maple, Divine Feminine, Lemongrass or Honeycomb, Robin's Egg, Beauchamp, Fig, Eclipse, or Oxidize, Always A Bridesmaid or Comfort & Joy on Sparkle Sock. 

Gratitude is available on Plush Single, Spontaneous Sock Yarn in DK and Fingering weight, and Mohair + Silk. 


Colorway : Gratitude 

superwash wool/nylon (75/25)

3.5 oz/ 246 Yards
4 ply /  DK Weight

I've decided that instead of offering a surprise club offering every month, I would prefer to offer a Color Of The Month. Personally, I don't care for surprise colorways and would rather know what I am purchasing and I would like to extend the courtesy to you so I will be creating a colorway of the month (only available in that month, while supplies last) on a special base now INSTEAD of my Spontaneous Sock Club. 

And as for the base...

Spontaneous Sock Yarn is a 4 ply yarn containing 75% Superwash Wool 25% Nylon Yarn. This is a medium grade wool that makes a durable and springy yarn perfect for items that will be worn and washed a lot! My favorite part about this yarn is that is takes dye so well and produces strong and vibrant colors. 

This yarn is certified cruelty free.

Superwash yarn is machine washable in a gentle cycle with like colors, lay flat to dry. I've had a pair sneak into the dryer before and that won't ruin it, but whatever you make will last much longer if you air dry.

This fiber was handdyed by ontheround using professional quality acid dyes. I dye my yarn in small batches and no skein will be 100% the same- that's what makes working with hand dyed yarn so fun!

I do my very best to accurately photograph my yarns but please note that not all monitors are the same. My yarn is made in my smoke-free, pet free studio in Rockland Maine.

Made with love, by hand in Maine by Rachel Jones


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