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Color Of The Month

Intuitive, October’s Color of the Month on Spontaneous Sock Yarn DK weight

October is here and so is this month's special colorway!

Intuitive is a deep, dark, and sultry colorway inspired these beautiful blue jay feather's my son kept finding and gifting me this summer. I've been carrying these feathers around with me for months and they were the first thing that popped into my minds eye when I was thinking about this months colorway. It all felt meant to be! 

After dyeing the sample of this colorway as a test, I sort of got in my head about it. I was worried about it not being literal enough to the feathers my son brought me. But I loved how the colorway turned out so much and really didn't want to change it. After sitting with it a minute and reaching out to a couple of friends, I decided that the colorway was just as it was meant to be and reminded myself to always trust my intuition. 

Intuitive is first dyed in a bath of baby blue and then a layer of aqualon blue is poured all over. I finish this colorway with three heavy stripes of black dye which spread in varying shades as the yarn heats leaving varying shades of darkness with pops of blue and turquoise throughout the skein. 

This colorway would work well with Eclipse, Hardwater, Robin's Egg, Barred Owl, Harvest, Hologram, Divine Feminine, or Lemongrass. 

I hope this colorway can be a reminder to you as well, to always trust your intuition and stay true to your own visions, creatively and otherwise. 

This colorway is currently available on Spontaneous Sock in fingering and DK weight and Plush Single. 



Colorway : Intuitive 

superwash wool/nylon (75/25)

3.5 oz/ 246 Yards
4 ply /  DK Weight

I've decided that instead of offering a surprise club offering every month, I would prefer to offer a Color Of The Month. Personally, I don't care for surprise colorways and would rather know what I am purchasing and I would like to extend the courtesy to you so I will be creating a colorway of the month (only available in that month, while supplies last) on a special base now INSTEAD of my Spontaneous Sock Club. 

And as for the base...

Spontaneous Sock Yarn is a 4 ply yarn containing 75% Superwash Wool 25% Nylon Yarn. This is a medium grade wool that makes a durable and springy yarn perfect for items that will be worn and washed a lot! My favorite part about this yarn is that is takes dye so well and produces strong and vibrant colors. 

This yarn is certified cruelty free.

Superwash yarn is machine washable in a gentle cycle with like colors, lay flat to dry. I've had a pair sneak into the dryer before and that won't ruin it, but whatever you make will last much longer if you air dry.

This fiber was handdyed by ontheround using professional quality acid dyes. I dye my yarn in small batches and no skein will be 100% the same- that's what makes working with hand dyed yarn so fun!

I do my very best to accurately photograph my yarns but please note that not all monitors are the same. My yarn is made in my smoke-free, pet free studio in Rockland Maine.

Made with love, by hand in Maine by Rachel Jones


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