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April Spontaneous Sock Club Colorway

Thank you so much for being a part of another round of my Spontaneous Sock Yarn Club!

This months colorway, Sprung, was inspired by spring in a lot of ways. This winter was a bit of a grind for me- putting  the kids back in public school, moving, and having to deal with a bunch of changes made by my mill left me feeling tired and a little beat down. But the last few weeks here on the coast of Maine have been a breath of fresh air. The Crocus' have been blooming, the snow is all melted (in my next of the woods), and the days are longer and brighter. So I really wanted to capture that energy in this colorway. I feel like I have burst back to life and I am inspired and energetic, and ready for a new season!


I did most of the dyeing for this round in the evening so the lighting isn't the best, but I love showing how the colors look in the dye pot. It gives you another perspective on the colorway. I first dyed the whole skein with a small amount of a very bright blue giving it sort of an aqua vibe. Then I poured over some lemon yellow which gives you some yellow parts, then some bright pops of electric green where the blue and yellow become one. Finally, I topped it off with some sprinkles of scarlet, pink, more bright blue, and a bit of violet for fun. 
Usually after I dye a test round of the colorway, I like to re-skein it to see how if I like how the colors are working together. Re-skeining means I rewind the skein slightly smaller to break the colors up, it gives you a sense how it will look when you work it into fabric. I really love those surprise pops of scarlet! This should 
definitely be a very entertaining colorway to knit with! It will look great on it's own for a vanilla sock or broken up a bit with some texture like a seed stitch or ribbing!
I'll be using my skein of Sprung to cast on a pair of Kia Socks by Dawn Henderson. My intention was to use January's Sock Club for this pattern but I have been such a slow knitter over the last month that I never ended up casting on with that colorway. So, I've decided to cut my loses and use this one instead. I've got a nice collection of past club bits and bobs adding up for a blanket in the future- I'll just add January's colorway to that pile and keep moving forward!
I would love to see what you decide to make with your skein of Spring! Feel free to post them on my Ontheround Facebook page or share on Instagram with the hashtag #ontheround. I'll be posting about my progress for sure so keep an eye out for that. You can also check back at this page to see my finished knit if you are looking for inspiration. My goal is to catelog all of my sock club colorway here and in this way going forward so that we can all look back on them over time.
If you are interested in signing up for next months Spontaneous Sock Yarn here is the listing! I am not sure where I am going to go with my May coloway- we'll just have to see where the season takes me! Happy Making!