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Blue Mussel, May's Color of the Month on Plush Single LIMITED EDITION

Plush singles feature extra fine 19.5 micron superwash Merino wool. This yarn base is light weight, incredibly soft and has a beautiful silky sheen. Plush is the perfect yarn for a colorful shawl, light weight hat, or your favorite colorwork design.  

This yarn is excellent for baby knits and garments worn next to the skin. This base is also recommended to people who have sensitive skin.

While this is a fingering weight yarn, this yarn is not ideal for socks. 

Last week I put a poll up on Instagram asking what colors people wanted to see on this months colorway and the response was overwhelmingly for green and blues! Last months colorway was green, so I had to challenge myself to create something new using the same colors, but with a completely different feel. I had one lonely request for purple also and the first thing that popped into my head was a Mussel shell! 

I am really loving the blue from my coloway Blueberry, so I started there and then poured on some bronze green (my favorite of all the greens), and finished it off with a litle pop of violet for funseys- and so Blue Mussel was born!  

I LOVE the way the colors meld and dance together in this colorway, I poured all the dyes over a white base so you get those light pops of white, gray, and pink like you would find on a mussel shell. It's a super complex colorway, lots of depth and vibrancy with interesting short bursts of color so there won't be too much pooling for larger projects. 

Blue Mussel will pair beautifully with Bayberry, Blueberry, Beauchamp, Rust, Diadem, Shadow, Barred Owl, Oxidize, or Pickle. 

May's Color of the Month is available on Plush Single, Spontaneous Sock Fingering, and Mohair + Silk. Due to yarn shortages I do not have Spontaneous Sock DK in stock yet. If I am able to get some before the month is over, I will definitely make it available. 


Colorway: Blue Mussel

Hand dyed 19.5 micron Superwash Merino Wool

3.5 oz/ 430 Yards
Single /  Fingering Weight
Recommended Needle Size: 2

This yarn is certified cruelty free.

Superwash yarn is machine washable in a gentle cycle with like colors, lay flat to dry. I've had a pair sneak into the dryer before and that won't ruin it, but whatever you make will last much longer if you air dry.

This fiber was handdyed by ontheround using professional quality acid dyes. I dye my yarn in small batches and no skein will be 100% the same- that's what makes working with hand dyed yarn so fun!

I do my very best to accurately photograph my yarns but please note that not all monitors are the same. My yarn is made in my smoke-free, pet free studio in Rockland Maine.

Made with love, by hand in Maine by Rachel Jones

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