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Sanguine November's Color of the Month on Plush Single LIMITED EDITION

I am so excited to show you November's colorway, Sanguine! 

I have been wanting to dye a red colorway for sometime now and it has just been so hard to nail! A lot of the red's that I have attempted in the past have been too orange, or too pink...but what I really like is a deep, bloody red.

A couple of months ago, while on one of my brain dump walks I take around the block at my studio, a recipe for a red colorway just came into my head. I'm talking about a full recipe, right down to the measurements! As it is my practice on my brain dump walks, I wrote down my thoughts and moved on.

Obviously other inspiration came a long for September and October's color's of the month so I kind of forgot about it until I realized that November's color release would happen on Halloween and that recipe came rushing back to me!

I feel like the choice for the name of this colorway is pretty obvious, Sanguine literally means "Blood Red" and that's exactly what I was going for. This color is made by starting with a scarlet red mixed with a bit of orchid to ensure that it's more of a blue red than an orange red. Then I pour over some taupe brown and some turkey red.   Finally I add speckles to both sides of the yarn in garnet and more orchid, taupe, and scarlet. 

The end result of this yarn is a deep, dark, and bold red totally fit for a Halloween release! Introducing my newest yarn collection-Plush! Plush singles feature extra fine 19.5 micron superwash Merino wool. This yarn base is light weight, incredibly soft and has a beautiful silky sheen. Plush is the perfect yarn for a colorful shawl, light weight hat, or your favorite colorwork design.  

This yarn is excellent for baby knits and garments worn next to the skin. This base is also recommended to people who have sensitive skin.

While this is a fingering weight yarn, this yarn is not ideal for socks. 


Colorway: Sanguine

Hand dyed 19.5 micron Superwash Merino Wool

3.5 oz/ 430 Yards
Single /  Fingering Weight
Recommended Needle Size: 2

This yarn is certified cruelty free.

Superwash yarn is machine washable in a gentle cycle with like colors, lay flat to dry. I've had a pair sneak into the dryer before and that won't ruin it, but whatever you make will last much longer if you air dry.

This fiber was handdyed by ontheround using professional quality acid dyes. I dye my yarn in small batches and no skein will be 100% the same- that's what makes working with hand dyed yarn so fun!

I do my very best to accurately photograph my yarns but please note that not all monitors are the same. My yarn is made in my smoke-free, pet free studio in Rockland Maine.

Made with love, by hand in Maine by Rachel Jones

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