Arthur Pants Take Two

Arthur Pants Take Two

I always mention Arthur Pants casually in my posts like everyone knows what I’m talking about… and the other day someone said, wait what are Arthur pants? 


Arthur Pants are are linen pants with a highish waist and a balloon detail leg- usually sewn in linen. It’s a pattern designed by Sew Liberated and my absolute favorite pants to wear.  This past winter I sewed my first pair using some dark brown Essex linen and they were my first really successful sew.  I love this pattern so much particularly because there is a video tutorial that you can find on YouTube that walks you through every step of sewing the pants!

I made my pants with an elastic waist but the pattern also offers a button and zipper version. My sewing skills are not ready for zippers, but I would love to someday be able to make a pair in denim with a proper waist.  All the same, the elastic waist looks lovely and my goodness, they are so comfortable! I wear my Arthur Pants when I'm puttering around the house, I wear them to work, and I can dress them up for going out - not that I go out, but I could damnit. To me, and my life- these are perfect pants! 

I immediately made a second pair after my first because I loved the design so much and it is the second pair that I want to talk about today! 

The second pair of Arthur Pants I made, I used a beautiful red Essex linen. I always gravitate towards bold color choices for fabric, but unfortunately, I learned that while I love working with bold color choices- I don’t love wearing them. I continued to constantly wear my brown pair of Arthur Pants and my red pair hung out in the closet for a couple of months untouched. 

It wasn't until my friend Caroline was over dyeing a heirloom cardigan she had black, that it occurred to me that I might like my red Arthur Pants more if they were not red. So I hopped on the Rit Dye website and ordered some black dye. Black seemed like a natural choice because I figured it would cover the red without any problems. 

I should also say here, that while I am an expert at dyeing protein fibers (wool), plant fibers like linen is an entirely different process, that I am not at all skilled in. 


That being said, when I dyed my pants black, I followed all the tutorials Rit dye provides, cooked my pants until they were nice and saturated, and then washed them.... and when I pulled my pants out of the washer THEY WERE PURPLE! 

Ugh, I was so frustrated and irritated. My first thought was, well, I'll just have to dye them again, which is a very common practice when trying to dye a deep black. But, unfortunately in my eagerness to get a nice black the first time I used ALL the dye.

I put the pants in the corner and continued on my day just figuring I would find a new home for these pants because they were never going to be right. I also ordered some black Essex Linen and just decided I would have to sew myself a black pair instead! 

By the end of the day, I looked at the pants again and decided that I actually LOVED the color purple that they turned out and that they would go exceptionally well with just about everything in my closet. 


I want to pause here a minute and tell you that I truly HATE probably 96% of everything I make as soon as I finish it. The solution to that, for me, is always to just take a break from it- have a tantrum, cast the garment away to the corner in disgust, and then come back to it with fresh eyes anywhere from 5 hours to 2 months later. Taking a break usually does the trick.


Seriously, if you hate what you make when you finish something give this trick a try, it does wonders. 


I never would have picked fabric this color, or ever purchased something in this color, but my goodness do I in fact, love this color! It goes with everything! I love the way my aqua crocks pop against the plum, I love the way it looks with black, brown, gray, and chartreuse which happen to be the colors that pop up the most in my wardrobe. And I ESPECIALLY love the way my plum Arthur Pants look with my Easy Eyelet Pullover knit in Gratitude, shown here!


If you are looking for a fun sewing project or some comfy and unique pants to add to your wardrobe- than I highly recommend you give this pattern a try! 


Happy Making! 


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