About Our Yarns

At ontheround yarn we love merino wool! We choose our yarns based on softness, durability, and their ability to take color! We offer both superwash and untreated merino wool yarns, all hand dyed using professional quality acid dye. 

Bases Available

Superwash Yarn

Plush Collection
Our Plush Collection features extra fine, 19.5 micron superwash merino wool yarn. It is extremely soft without compromising durability. This wool takes colors exceptionally well and has a soft shine to it. The Plush Collection is perfect for next to skin projects, baby knits, and for people with sensitive skin. The yarn in this collection is certified cruelty free. 
Nimble Sock

 Superwash Merino Wool/ Nylon (85/15)

19.5 micron merino
Fingering Weight, 2 ply
394 Yards, 100 g

Plush Single

Superwash Merino Wool
19.5 micron merino
Fingering Weight, Single Ply
430 Yards, 100 g

Plush Bulky

 Superwash Merino Wool
19.5 micron merino
Chunky/Bulky Weight, 2 Ply
109 Yards, 100 g
Superwash Merino Wool
DK Weight, 4ply
218 yards, 100 g


Cottage Collection

Our newest yarn collection, Cottage, features 19.5 micron untreated merino wool. Untreated means this yarn base is 100% merino wool, without superwash treatment. This is a 4 ply yarn with incredible softness, a nice smooth texture, and a bouncy hand. I love the way this yarn knits up and it is a great yarn for stitch work like lace and cables as it has wonderful stitch definition. Cottage Yarns are an excellent choice for colorwork and fair isle knitting. While this is a pure wool yarn, it is not at all scratchy and is next to skin soft. Because this yarn is not treated, it requires hand washing only as the wool will felt. 

Cottage Fingering
Merino Wool, 
Fingering Weight, 4 Ply
437 Yards, 100 g

Cottage DK

Merino Wool
DK Weight, 4 Ply
246 Yards, 100 g

 Limited Edition Bases

At ontehround we really value play and experimentation and so occasionally we do small runs of different bases to keep things fun and exciting. These bases are usually offered in very limited quantities. Sometimes these bases are dyed in the colorways available in our main collection and sometimes they are dyed in one of a kind batches unavailable anywhere else in our shop! We do recommend that if you see something you like that you get it because nothing in this collection is promised!