Collection: Non Superwash Yarns

Non Superwash yarns are will base yarns that have not been treated with superwash. Also know as Untreated, or NSW, Non Superwash Yarns will felt and must be hand washed. 

Our untreated merino wool collection is called Cottage and comes in DK, and Fingering weight. These two yarns feature Extra a fiber Merino Wool, 19.5 microns. 

Cottage yarns come in 14 tonal colorways. NSW Yarn takes dye differently than superwash wool. Superwash quickly grabs the color allowing for layering and speckles, where untreated wool slowly takes in the dye slowly as you heat it- so speckles disperse before they can adhere to the wool. My Cottage yarns are a labor of love to dye as they require more water and a lot more time- but this yarn is so worth it. 

Non Superwash Yarns