January Color of the Month

January Color of the Month

I am excited to share with you my first Color of the Month for 2022!

January's colorway is called inspired, because that's exactly how I am feeling these days. I managed to take some time off at the beginning of the year to rest and relax and have some free making time! I spent the last year working exclusively with my own yarns- despite adding lots of treasures to my stash from other dyers and it was such a treat to get to dive in and make some things that were just for me. 


I also bought myself a Ashford SampleIt loom and have taught myself to weave! What an extraordinary adventure it has been! I'll be doing some blog posts coming up about some of my recent makes and purchases from other dyers, but for now, let's get back to this months colorway! 

All that rest and fun making left me feeling inspired and excited to get back to my own dye kitchen- and that's where the name inspiration came for this months limited edition colorway!

As for the colors, I had no real inspiration other than just letting my intuition guide me. I started with a soft layer of champagne with a pinch or orchid, and then I poured over a heavier layer of orchid and champagne mixed together, a layer of aqua blue, and then finished it with a hint of gold and champagne

After those colors settled in together, I finished off the colorway with some violet and chartreuse speckles on both sides!


The results are a nice soft colorway that almost seems iridescent when knit or crocheted up.


And of course there will be a woven sample as well- I can't resist getting this new colorway on my loom! I kept a skein in fingering weight for the warp and I'm going to use a skein of Plush Single for the weft. I'm excited to get that started tonight so I can plug away on it this weekend in between dye pots.

If you are looking to pair Inspired with one of my other colorways, I would recommend Blueberry,  Hemlock, Rust, Honeycomb, Shadow, Fig, Pressed Petal, or Always A Bridesmaid.

'Inspired' is available throughout the month of January on Spontaneous Sock Yarn in fingering and DK weight, and Plush Single. You can find the Color of the Month Collection. here. 


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