November’s Color of the Month, Wanderer

November’s Color of the Month, Wanderer

Happy November!

This month I thought I would do things a little differently… social media has been very unreliable lately, and my newsletter seems to have picked up 1,000 spam accounts, so this month I thought I’d put together a blog post! Every month I take mountains of pictures of the color of the month- behind the scenes, inspiration, styled photos, swatches, you name it! But I never really have anywhere to put all these pictures so they just take up space on my camera roll. Blog posts take a little extra time, but I think it will be fun for all of us to get to learn a little more about the color of the month in a longer format. I’d love to hear what you think in the comments! 

now… onto that colorway… Introducing Wanderer~

The first of the month came on me without any plan for what I was going to do for November’s COTM. The last week of October was an absolute blur with wholesale orders, kid activities and appointments, getting my vw cabriolet fixed and ready for storage, and massive wind and rain storms. I barely touched my knitting needles or sewing machine, let alone planned for November’s colorway!

I showed up for work on the first with a feeling of wanting to run away to the woods, but instead of running away,  I decided to put that inspiration and vibe into this month’s colorway. 

I started with a combination of soft blues- baby blue and aqua with a pinch of silver gray- the kind of blue gray that wraps you up when you’re deep in the woods under the cover of old and tall trees.


Since it’s fall, browns, golds, and oranges seemed like a natural choice. I poured over a combination of taupe and silver gray and then a combination of orange and taupe- all very subtle mixtures of dyes.


After I cooked that together, I finished the colorway with speckles in green, Aqualon blue, chartreuse, orange, and a little more taupe- these colors all representing the foliage in varying states of decay.  

The result of this month’s offering is a rich colorway with warm and cool tones balanced together beautifully, naturally. I decided to call it Wanderer, not after the woods that the colors were inspired by, but after those of us who wish to wander deep in the woods away from the hustle and bustle of life and into the quiet.


Please note that I did not speckle the Mohair + Silk version of this colorway, this base is untreated wool so the speckles tend to get muddy. I also think this offers a nice depth of color when you are holding one of the Superwash bases paired with mohair + silk.


If you are looking to pair this Wanderer with one of my other colorways, I would recommend Hemlock, Undertow, Rust, Oxidize, Honeycomb, Shadow, Pine Cone, Fig, Diadem, and Harvest. Here are some of my favorites:

Making the swatches for this colorway was an absolute treat! I just love working up a variegated colorway like this and seeing how the colors interact with each other and the pops of speckles. Wanderer has short color transitions which makes for minimal and more random pooling- great for larger projects like sweaters that have varying circumferences. 

I’m not sure which swatch I like more- the crochet or the knit! I think both have some really beautiful qualities.  This colorway is definitely unique enough on its own but also I think it’s got enough subtly to be paired with a semi solid color for colorwork or something like a broken seed stitch. 

I would absolutely love to do a sweater in this colorway, something like Noriko Ichikawa's Nukunuku Sweater but alas, I just won’t have time to complete it within the month and I’m in the middle of several other projects.  I’ll probably bang out a quick hat at the very least because I know I need to look at this colorway every day for a while- that’s how much I love it! But I did print out the sweater pattern just in case....

As always, the color of the month will be available for the entire month of November (or while supplies last, but that's not looking to be an issue this month). Wanderer is available throughout the month of November on Spontaneous Sock Yarn in fingering and DK weight, Plush Single, and Mohair + Silk.

You can find Wanderer in the Color of the Month section, here along with a few leftover skeins of last months colorways! 

I hope you've enjoyed this blog post- I actually really enjoyed writing it! 


As always, happy making! 



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Rachel, I love the blog and I especially enjoyed seeing the dyeing and pairing!
Happy New Year! 🧶🕊

Nancy Brennan

Rachel, what a beautiful new color! Also, what a great idea in doing the new blog. You are so talented!

Janice Stewart

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