Throwback Colorway, Pressed Petal

Throwback Colorway, Pressed Petal

I have a new Throwback colorway for you this week! Valentines Day seems like the perfect day to launch the best pink I've ever made- in my humble opinion anyway!` 

Last week one of my lovely customers asked if my old colorway Pressed Petal would be a good pair with February's Color of the Month Cardamom, as she had some in her stash and had a project in mind. I happened to have a skein of Pressed Petal kicking around the studio so I photographed them together to send a long. Needless to say, both she and I were absolutely in love and I knew Pressed Petal would have to be my next Throwback colorway! 

I originally designed this colorway in 2019, it was part of a larger collection that I released after moving into my now studio! I was very much into colorwork at the time and this was just the perfect pink to support darker colors. It's a lovely neutral, but with lots of interesting pops of color along the way. Here's a picture from that original collection I found in my archives! It's paired with Honeycomb, Fig, and Brick.

Pressed Petal starts with a combination of champagne with a pinch of orchid as the base color and then it's finished with ecru. plum, and taupe speckles. Easy peasy right?  Not so much, when I went to dye up my samples for the website I quickly remembered WHY I had to discontinue this colorway...

During the height of the pandemic there were supply shortages across the board and a lot of my dyes changed, Plum was one of them. Originally plum was a warmer deep purple, and then one day it was a very dark blue purple that is incredibly fragile. As you can see above Plum has a mind of it's own and so I was losing so many skeins of this colorway to bad behaving dye.  It took me several attempts to problem solve and get the results I needed but dang it I stuck with it and figured it out! I tweaked the base dye a pinch and switched the Plum to Bright Purple dye and wouldn't you know it I had my favorite pink colorway back! 

Pressed Petal is a beautiful soft pink colorway that works beautifully with quite a few yarn colorways in the permanent collection! I recommend pairing this with Beauchamp, Always A Bridesmaid, Pink Tourmaline, Dahlia, Gourd, Wayward, Latte, Fireworks, or Darkstar. I really really love it with Cardamom though- you can see the two swatches together below. The two colors have a beautiful cohesion and perfect tonal contrast for your favorite two colorwork project! 

Pressed Petal is available this week only! I will be dyeing this colorway to order for the next week, offer ends February 20th. I’ll be dyeing this to order so please expect 3-4 business days before your yarn will ship.   Any remaining inventory after the dyed to order period ends will be available until it’s sold out. 

Pressed Petal is available on Nimble Sock.  Plush Single, Plush DK,  and Plush Bulky.

Don't forget to use coupon code SWEATER for 10% off 6 or more skeins and all US orders over $150 ship free! 

Happy Making!



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